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The company provides a wide range of services. This includes project and construction management, construction cost consultancy, quantity surveying, as well as the provision of technical-economic design, property consultancy and valuations and other services that cover all areas prior, during and post construction and development.

The services we provide are briefly outlined below:

Project and Construction Management
Planning, control and co-ordination of a project from conception to completion (including commissioning) on behalf of a client. We are concerned with the identification of the client's objectives in terms of utility, function, quality, time and cost, and the establishment of relationships between resources. The integration, monitoring and control of the contributors to the project and their output, and the evaluation and selection of alternatives in pursuit of the client's satisfaction with the project outcome, in the most effective and efficient way. Effective project and construction management includes among others, the management of all the functions and coordination of the development team throughout the project, including definition of the client's needs and requirements, examination of suitable procurement contract arrangements, project time management, economic and viability studies, establishment of cost parameters, advice on consultant appointments, monitoring the construction phase, project resource management via efficient resource allocations, management of commissioning and handover, and certification of final accounts on behalf of the client.

Supervision of Works and Procedures
Supervision, testing and inspection of the works and site operations to ensure compliance with the client's requirements and specifications. Review construction problems and clarifications required and make recommendations as necessary. Inspection, review and monitor all quality assurance and workplace health and safety procedures to ensure that works conform to all relevant codes and standards.

Quantity Surveying - Construction Cost Consultancy
Our quantity surveying services provide the financial management for projects and a cost consultancy service to the client and designer during the whole construction process to ensure that the resources of the construction industry are utilised to the best advantage of the project. This is achieved by the preliminary cost advice and approximate estimating, cost planning including investment appraisal, life-cycle costing and value analysis, contractual procurement and tendering procedures, preparation of contract documentation, evaluation of tenders received, cash flow forecasting, financial reporting and interim payments, final accounting and the settlement of contractual disputes and cost advise during use by the client.

Project Monitoring
Appraisals and investigations for funding institutions, developers, building owners and contractors. Reporting on development costs, programming, tender and contract procedures and design economics. Monitoring, progress and financial status of projects during construction.

Claims Management
Claims preparation and defence on behalf of both owners and contractors, by working in co-operation with the legal profession when required.

Property Valuations and Value Management
Property valuations as well as carrying out life-cycle cost analyses, producing sinking funds and prime cost analyses, examining the best use and functionality of existing or possible investment opportunities and investigating the viability of the development. Our property valuations are executed in accordance with the RICS Appraisal and Valuation Standards, and International Valuation Standards. All projects are supervised by Chartered Surveyors professional members of the RICS.

Insurance Valuations and Loss Assessments
Preparation of insurance valuations calculated using detailed construction cost data dealing with site clearance, temporary works and rebuilding. Valuations are linked to relevant construction cost indices for replacement or renewal purposes. Preparation of loss assessments and negotiation on behalf of building owners or insurance companies.

In addition to the above we can also provide:

- Feasibility Studies and Development Appraisals
- Plant and Machinery Appraisals
- Property Market Research
- Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management
- Relocation Studies and Space Planning and Design
- Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

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